Friday, 2 August 2019

A visit to the Stone Cottage-By Tyrah

Learning Intention-W.A.L.T.- write a recount.
Success Criteria-I am successful when I can write a recount about the Stone cottage by using adjectives.

Do you know how to use an old wooden fire blower?

Today Room 7 went to the Stone cottage. I saw a enormous wooden fire blower hanging in the kitchen. It is what you need back in 18 hundreds when the fire faints away. The fencibles use a blower because they didn't have to use their mouths but they use a blower instead. When you try to pull the end paddle together up and down, inside there is air and it blows where the fire place is when you put it towards it. It is very useful and big.

I also saw a big enormous saw that has 2 medium sized handles on both sides.It can chop down trees, wood, and more. It is very sharp like the teeth of the shark. It is made out of metal and metal is very hard. It can be very hard to break and it is very painful when you do it.

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