Sunday, 9 November 2014

Tyrah; The Stone house

Last Tuesday Room 2 visited the Stone house at Panmure.
I saw an old fire truck. It looked like a train. It did not have a big ladder. I think it was very hard to put out big fire with a small fire truck. 
I saw lots of old things that people used in those days. They looked different and old.
We enjoyed our visit.

Tyrah; The mountain

In the Sacrament Strand I learned that the mountain is a holy place because God made it so we can enjoy it and climb it.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Introducing myself in Te Reo

I can introduce myself in Te Reo.
I can tell you my name in Te Reo.
I can tell you my friend's name in Te Reo.
I can tell you my mum's name in Te Reo.
I can tell you my dad's name in Te Reo.

Learning about Teen Numbers

I am learning about Teen Number.
I can make a bundle of 10 and loose sticks.
I can show how I did it.
I can explain my thinking.

Finding half of a number

I am learning to find half of a number.
I can show how I did it.
I can explain my thinking.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Being Friendly


 Being Friendly
Did you know that being nice to others actually be good for you. My mum always tells me to be nice. Sometimes I do it and sometimes I don't do it. 

When I show love and care to other children , they will play with me. They will show respect to me. They will invite me to come to their house. 

When I am mean to others, they will not come near me. They will not want to be my friend. They will not invite me to their party. 

I will be lonely and sad.

Playing Football


Playing Football
Yesterday Giselle, Deijahn and I played soccer at the playground. It was our favourite game.

Giselle ran fast like a racing car. She kicked the ball to Deijahn. Deijahn ran fast like a train. She kicked the ball to me. I kicked the ball into the goal. 

We had a really good time.



I am a star because I can sing and dance in Samoan gracefully.

I show others I care by showing respect.

Three Super Cool Facts about me:

  • I am a sharing person.
  • I am a caring person.
  • I am a loving person.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Making groupings to 5

I am learning groupings to 5.
I can show how I did it.
I can explain my thinking.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Friday, 19 September 2014

My Cousin's Birthday Party

             My Cousin's Birthday Party

On Saturday my family and I went to my cousin's birthday party at his house. He turned one.

First we played past the parcel. We sat in a circle and passed the parcel around. When the music stopped I opened the parcel. I had a big teddy bear. I took my big teddy home and put it next to my bed.  

Wind and Waves

Jesus and His friends went to the other side of the lake.

The boat rocked gently up and down. The wind blew stronger. The waves crashed into the boat. Water splashed into the boat. Everyone was afraid. Jesus said 'Peace' be still. the wind stopped blowing. The waves stopped crashing. 

Everything was quiet and still.

Trip To Australia

On the holidays may family and I went to Australia, on a big plane.
My Nanny was sick.

My uncle took me to the shop to buy some new clothes. The shopping malls were so big. I saw big tall buildings. Australia is bigger than New Zealand. 

We really had a great time in Australia.

Friday, 11 April 2014

I am meditating

In Room 2 I am learning how to do meditation. I can do meditation when I stay still, close my eyes, sit up straight, breathe gently and place my hands on my lap. 
Mediation helps me to stay focused. It helps me to relax. It helps me to listen.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

St Patrick's Day

On the 17th of March we celebrated St Patrick’s Day at school because it was our special day.
First we went to church. We sang and we prayed for the poor people. After morning tea I went with my group to Room 5. I had to stick the rainbow on the hard paper. Then I stuck some clouds on the rainbow. Mrs Richardson gave me a surprise. I found some yummy lollies in the little cup.
I had a good time.