Thursday, 20 August 2015

One Weekend

One Weekend

One weekend my sister and I went to Rainbows End.  My sister’s name is Roneeza.  We went with my auntie Noah.  Auntie Noah is my mum’s sister and she lives with us sometimes, mostly on the weekend. 

First, when we got to Rainbows End we got some ice cream.  Then we had a ride on the Roller Coaster.  It went very fast.  It went up and down on tracks.  The tracks were like rail tracks.  It went up some very steep hills and then it stopped.  We all screamed a lot.

After we had gotten off the Roller Coaster we went on the aeroplane.  I could fit on but Roneeza couldn’t because she was too big.  It was like a real aeroplane and I pretended to fly up in the sky.

Next we played in the middle of Rainbows End and then we played in the playground.  We played tag.  I was in and I tried to tag Roneeza.  Then Roneeza tried to tag me but I was very fast, like a Roller Coaster, so Roneeza couldn’t catch me.  I was five years old and Roneeza was six years old.  I had lots of fun at Rainbows End with my sister Roneeza and my auntie Noah.

By Tyrah


  1. Hi Tyrah,

    I like your story. It was a very good story and I can tell that you had a lot of fun at Rainbows End. Keep up the cool writing.


  2. thats a beatiful story Tyrah. well done.mum