Wednesday, 1 January 2020

If I had a chance to change my name... It would be...


  1. Why? Keep blogging, and commenting on others, to increase your chance of winning one of the awesome prizes and to keep up your learning over the school break!

    Remember to check the size of your picture when you are embedding - it should be SMALL.

  2. Hi Tyrah! It's Naomi here from The University of Auckland, and I like blogging over summer too, and my father is named Alexander, which is why he gave me the middle name of Alexandra.
    Let me have a good friend called Alexander and that's why you would change your name to his? Am I right??

  3. Kia ora Tyrah

    I hope that you're enjoying your summer holidays? I'm just checking in to remind you that the Summer Learning Journey is still underway and that you're still able to participate - we miss hearing from you!

    Here's the link to get you started:

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

    Ngā mihi