Tuesday, 5 February 2019

The Tree hut treaty

L.I - Respond to the "The Tree Hut Treaty" by explaining our feelings.

Today we read a story about "The Tree Hut Treaty". It was written by Wiremu Grace.The characters names are Tia, Jake, Crystal and Manaia. This was a very interesting story because it was about Jake and Manaia arguing about how the Tree hut was small and everybody who wanted to come in, they wouldn't fit. So Tia made some rules for everyone who wanted to come to the Tree hut and for Jake and Manaia to stop fighting. One of them was 1."We all have to come with an agreement of what happens to the Tree hut".
2."We have to look after the Tree hut treaty". 3."If there are any fights about the hut, then the Tree hut team will decide what to do so that its fair for everyone". 

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