Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Waka - By Tyrah

Learning Intention: W.A.L.T- write instructions how to make a Waka.
Success Criteria: I am successful when I can follow the  instructions how to make a Waka.

Instructions how to make a paper waka: 1.) - Break off a dry flax stalk.
2.) - Get the adult to help you cut the stalk into two sticks about 20 cm long. Shape the ends of the sticks into points. These are your Waka.
3.) - Join your Waka together with one of the 18 cm pieces of wire. Push one end of the wire through Waka 5 cm from the end. Wrap the wire around  the Waka so that it's attached firmly.
4.) - Now stretch the wire so that it's straight and push the other end of it through your other Waka 5 cm from it's end. Wrap it around the Waka to make it secure. (You should end up with a straight 10 cm of wire between each Waka.)
5.) - Use the other piece of 18 cm wire in the same way to join the Waka at their other ends.
6.) - Bend the 36 cm length of wire into a V shape for the sail.
7.) - Trace the shape of your sail onto the cardboard. Cut out the shape, decorate it, and tape it to the wire.
8.) - Stick one end of your sail into each Waka.
9.) - Test your Waka.
10.) - Think of some ideas for how you can make your Waka better.

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