Monday, 15 May 2017

Whales-By Tyrah

Learning Intention:W.A.L.T-write a report
Success Criteria:I am successful when I can write a report about whales.

Whales are mammals.  They are warm blooded too.  They need air to breath like humans do.  They feed their young with milk.
Some whales are very big.  Whales have a  big head and inside is a very heavy brain.  Their bodies resemble a shape of a submarine.

Whales have a large tail that helps them move in the water.
They use their flippers to swim when they move and where they need to go.  Whales have their large bodies streamlined like a submarine for moving through the water.

They live in oceans.  They can survive in both warm water and cold water.  Whales can be found in deep oceans or in the Antarctic.

Whales are magnificent mammals.
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