Monday, 3 April 2017

Fishing with my grandparents- by Tyrah

Learning Intention:W.A.L.T write a recount
Success Criteria:I know I can do this when I write my story in order and use full stops and capital letters correctly.

Image result for grandparents picturesLast Saturday, we got into the car and went to my grandparents house.First we went down by the river.Then my grandpa said, "we can have a competition"."Who ever caught the biggest fish wins". 
We all get started to fish, we all caught some fish. Now it was time to know who is the winner.My grandpa finally decided, he had chosen me.I was kind.I shared my prize  with my whole family .Then we all went back to my grandparents house.At my grandparents house,we all cooked the fish and ate it.Then my parents came to pick me up. I asked them if they can stay to eat some fish and they did. After that we went home to have a rest because we had a big day.I was very tired. I said goodbye to them.I had fun fishing with my grandparents.I wish I can fish with them again.

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